"Hands down most valuable and well rounded training evolution I have attended to date. Bill combines passion and technical know how with the all important 'whys' fueled by two decades of hard fought experience. Whether you carry a firearm for a living or as part of your responsible American lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to train with AMTAC!" Bryan-LE SWAT/Sniper


"Providing world class tactical shooting instruction and tactical consulting to civilians of high moral character, local law enforcement and military."

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We have the knowledge, experience and ability to help you win your next engagement.

Shooting Instruction

What sets ATSI apart from the competition? The market today is full of guys that want to teach you how to shoot. If you come to an ATSI course not only will you be taught how to operate you firearms at a high level, you will also learn why we do things a certain way. We approach all of our shooting with a combative mindset. We do not teach competition shooting we teach combat shooting based on real world experience. All of our instruction is designed with the goal of making you into a thinking shooter. We want you to win your next engagement. The best way to prepare for that is with solid fundamentals paired with cutting edge drills.

Tactical Instruction

Whether your team or department has been functioning for many years or is just developing we can make you more effective. Drawing on the experience of over a decade of combat deployments, we know how to win a fight. We can train you to do the same.


At Amtac our consulting falls into two categories. First we do tactical consulting for Military or Law Enforcement teams that are already functioning at a high level but want to increase their capabilities. Second we work with companies to test, evaluate and improve their products, providing valuable real life experience.

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